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Water Heater Pans

Water heater drain pans catch water heater leaks and prevent water damage from moisture. Our heavy duty water heater pans are designed in square configurations to hold 21% more water than round pans.


  • 28 gauge galvanized steel

  • Custom sizes available

  • Contact us for custom sizing and drain placements.

Virtually an unlimited number of pan sizes and outlet combinations are available.

For orders requiring a drain other than the standard 1" PVC outlet ,

replace the "P" suffix in our item number with one of these alternative choices:

3/4" Steel Drain = No Suffix (ex: M242)

1"Steel Drain = 1 (ex: M242.1)

3/4 Copper Drain = C (ex: M242.C)

1" Copper Drain = 1C (ex M242.1C)

No Drain Fitting, Drain Hole Only = NN

No Drain Hole, No Drain Fitting = ND 

Wall Mount Pans

Our wall mount water heater pans are designed to fit underneath most whole house tankless water heaters to prevent water damage from leaks, drips and moisture.

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